Newcastle United is not among eight most attractive teams in England, according to social rating agency SMG Insight

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The club has a good record of winning the English Premier League and Europa League, but it is not in the top-8.

The team is ranked 13th in the list of the best clubs in England. The list is based on the rating of fans, media, and experts.
This season, Newcastle is in the Champions League zone, but the team has not been able to get into the top 4.
Despite the fact that the team is not the most attractive, it is still a contender for the title.
Newcastle’s Prospects for the Future Season
The previous season, the team was in the Europa League zone. The team was the champion of England.
However, the club was not able to win the tournament, and the results of the season were not very successful for the team.
In the current season, it will be very difficult for the club to get to the Champions league zone.
It is because the team does not have the strongest lineup, so the team will not be able to impose a serious fight on the competitors.
If the team fails to win gold medals, it can be considered as a failure.
That is why the team needs to improve its results in order to get a higher place in the ranking.
Fans can follow the results on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time.
Main Favorites of the Season
In order to improve the results, the management of the team should focus on the following points:
1. Good selection of players.
2. improvement of the game.
3. motivation of the players.
It has become much easier to follow the team’ results.
Here, you can find the schedule of matches, as well as the results. It is easy to follow live football.
You can also follow the development of events on the mobile version of the website.
How to Follow the Results of Newcastle United
The season of the English premier league is already in full swing. The new season will be interesting not only for fans of the club, but also for professionals.
There are many teams that are fighting for the champion title. The main contenders for the victory are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
All of them have a good lineup. However, the main star of the current champion is Manchester City.
Of course, the Citizens are not the only team that can win the champion’ title. However they have a lot of advantages over their competitors. For example, the following:
· strong lineup;
· high level of teamwork;
· high level in the transfer market.
Moreover, the fans have a chance to see the results in real-time.
Thus, the website provides all the necessary information in full.
Favorites of Premier League
The Premier League is the most popular football championship in the world. The competition in this tournament is very intense, and it is very important for the teams to finish in the first position.
Manchester City is one of the main favorites of the Premier League. The Citizens are in the lead in the standings for the last three seasons. However this season, they have not been so successful.
They have not won any trophy. However the team can be called a real contender for winning the champion trophy.
City’ performance in the Premier league is not good. The club has not won the title for a long time. The last time the team won the trophy was in 1996.
Also, the last time they won the champion was in 1990.
Therefore, the current City team is a real outsider of the championship.
Team’ Prospects in the Future
However the team still has a chance of winning it. The following factors can help the team to get out of the situation:
• good lineup;

• good teamwork.
These factors are very important in order for the Citizens to get the title in the next season.
Do not forget that the current team is one the main contenders to win it.
Follow the results and the development in realtime on the sports statistics website. It provides the information in the form of graphs and statistics.
Live football is available to you 24/7. The website of the sports statistic is a great resource for fans and professionals. It presents the results from all over the world, as it is updated on a regular basis.
Football Results of Manchester United
Manchester United is another club that is not a favorite of the fans. However it is a good contender for victory in the future season. The reason is the following factors:
● excellent lineup; and

● high level teamwork. The team has a very good coach.
Recently, the results have not pleased the team, but this is not surprising.
Many factors can affect the results:
i. bad luck of the opponent;
ii. the level of the competition;
iii. injuries of the leaders.
Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the club has good lineup and a good coach, who can help his players to perform better.
For this reason, the Manchester United is a serious contender for gold medals.

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