Atlético Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

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The battle for the title is heating up. It is now time for the decisive rounds and the decisive matches. The decisive matches are the games between the teams that are fighting for the most points. The first of them is the Atlético team, which has already won the Champions League. The team of Diego Simeone has a great chance to win the title.
The Spanish team is not the only one that is trying to win gold medals. The other teams are:
· Real Madrid;
· Barcelona;
· Valencia;
and, of course, the teams of ​​Atletico.
All the teams have their advantages and disadvantages. The main thing for the team of Simeón is the fact that it has the most players who are able to score goals. The club has already managed to do this.
This year, the team has already had a lot of problems with the referees. The players of the team are not satisfied with the way the matches are being officiated. This is the reason why the team is ready to fight for the gold medals this year.
You can follow the matches of the Spanish team on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the latest information about the matches that the team will play.

The team of Atlétiko is one of the main favorites of the tournament. It has already shown that it is able to fight against the strongest teams in the world.
Teams’ Chances of Winning the Title
The teams’ chances of winning the title are not the same for everyone. The most likely team is the one that has the best results. This year, it is the team that has a good chance of winning.
In the first rounds, the players of this team were able to show that they are able not only to win, but also to do it in a very convincing way. The previous year, they were not able to do that, and the team was left behind.
However, this year, there are some changes that can help the team to get closer to the title again.
1. The Champions League
The first matches of this season showed that the Spanish players are ready to play in the Champions league. The teams of Madrid are not able yet to show the best performance in the tournament, but they are already showing that they can compete with the leaders.
Of course, it will be very difficult for the leaders to get to the final stage of the Champions tournament, because they have already lost a lot. However, the Spanish teams are not at the level of the leaders, so they are ready for the fight.
2. The EPL
The EPL is a very important tournament, and it is very difficult to get into it. The English teams are at the top of the standings, and they are very confident. They have already won a lot, and now they are trying to get even more.
Atletico is the main favorite of the season. The Spanish team has a lot to prove, and this is the key to getting into the EPL.
3. The Europa League
This tournament is very important for the teams, too. The strongest teams are playing in the Europa League. This tournament is a real test of the strength of the teams.
It is very likely that the teams will get to a decisive stage of this tournament, in which they will have to play for the champion title. The current season has shown that the English teams have a lot more to prove.
If they want to get a place in the top 4, they will need to get results in the EFL Cup, the Europa league, and other tournaments.
Main Favorites of the Season
The main favorites for the victory in the championship are:
· Real Madrid
· Atletico
· Liverpool
· Chelsea
· Manchester City
· Arsenal
· Juventus
· Tottenham Hotspur
· Bayern
· Valencia
· Roma
· Sevilla
· Everton
· Leicester City
The English teams will play for a place among the top-4. It will be extremely difficult to do so, because the teams are very strong.
There are a lot chances that the favorites will not be able to get the title, but the outsiders will be able.
Who Will Win the Title?
The season is already in full swing, and we can already say that the fight for gold medals is already starting. The favorites are already proving that they have everything needed to win.
One of the most important factors of the success of the club is the work of the head coach of the Madrid team. Diego Sánchez has managed to get his team to the Champions club, and he is confident that they will be there again. It was not easy for the club to get there, but it was worth it.
Sánchezi managed to bring the team’s results to the level that it deserves. The coach is able not to leave anything to chance, and his team is able show its maximum.
After the first matches, it became clear that the players are not going to give up. They are ready not only for the final match, but for the whole season.
Now, the main goal of the players is to get as many points as possible, because this is a really important factor in the fight to get gold medals again.

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