Kroos, Modric or Casemiro? The natural successor in the midfield

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Kroos, Modric or Casemiro? The natural successor in the midfield

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfer news of the season has been the acquisitions of the main stars of the Old Trafford team.
The first of them is the arrival of the young Belgian, Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman has been a mainstay of the team since his debut in the team, and now he will be able to help the team in the fight for the Champions League.
Another star of the club is the acquisition of the Brazilian, Neymar. The arrival of a new star in the club has been one of the most anticipated transfers of the summer.
However, the club also managed to make a few transfers that are not so successful, which is a good sign for the team. Among them are:
1. The acquisition of Lukaku from Everton. The transfer fee was around 5 million euros, but the club managed to get a player who is not a star, but who can play in the middle of the field.
2. The signing of De Bruyne from Manchester City. The Belgian has already shown his class in the Premier League, and he will help the club in the Champions league.
3. The departure of the Portuguese, Fernandes. The Portuguese was a main star of Manchester United, but he was not able to show his best game, and this led to his departure.
These transfers will help to strengthen the team and will allow it to fight for gold medals in the domestic and international arenas.
Who will replace the Portuguese in the lineup?
The Portuguese has been replaced by the Belgian, but it is still unclear who will replace him in the starting lineup of the United.
It is obvious that the club will look for a new goalkeeper, but there is still a lot of time until the start of the new season, so the club can also look for another goalkeeper.
In addition, the Portuguese has left the team after the season, and so the team will have to look for new players who can replace him.
Will the team be able not only to fight in the Europa League, but also to get into the Champions Cup?
Now, the team is in a good shape, and it is ready to fight not only for gold, but for the main trophies of the tournament.
This summer, the main star in Manchester United was the Portuguese Fernandes, who left the club after the last season. The club has a number of options for the new goalkeeper. One of them will be the signing of Lukas Fabianski, who was a good goalkeeper for the club.
Lukas Fabianzki is a goalkeeper who is able to play in several positions, and can play as a number one or a number 2. He is a young goalkeeper who has already showed his class.
One of the clubs that are interested in signing him is the Royal Blues. The player has already played for the Portuguese club Sporting, and is able not to miss a single match.
There is a lot to look forward to in the new campaign, and Manchester United is a team that is ready for the fight.
Main transfers of summer 2019
The club has managed to sign a number players, and they will help it to improve its position in the standings.
1) Lukasz Fabianskis
The young goalkeeper has already demonstrated his class, and will be a good option for the Royal team. He has already started to show himself in the Portuguese league, and has already managed to score a few goals.

2) De Bruin
The Belgian is a player that the Royal club has always looked for. He will be an excellent option for Lukas, who is also able to provide cover for the goalkeeper. The fee for the player was around 4 million euros.
Also, the Royal will look at the transfer of the player, who will help them to improve the position in their standings. The main thing is to improve their position in La Liga, and not to lose points in the international arena.
If the team manages to get to the playoffs, they will be very confident, and if they are able to win the Champions tournament, they can be considered as one of those teams that can challenge the best clubs in the world.
How will the team look after the departure of Fernandes?
After the departure, the coach of the Royal was replaced by former United player, Josep Guardiola. The Spaniard has managed not only the team of Manchester, but has also managed other clubs, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern.
Now the club needs to look at their lineup, and who will be their main star.
Among the newcomers that the team has to look after are:
1). Anthony Martial. The young Frenchman has already scored a few important goals for the Red Devils, and his performance in the national team is also good.
He can also be considered a good backup to the main striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Manchester United is one of a few clubs that can compete with Barcelona, and that is why the club should look for Martial.
What will happen to the club’s star players?
There are a lot that can happen to a club that has a star player, such a Manchester United. The team has a lot in store for them, and many of them can be the main contenders for the title.

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